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MR CARTOOL M60 Automotive GPS Digital Speedometer

MR CARTOOL M60 Automotive GPS Digital Speedometer

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Wireless transmission frequency: 2.4GHz


Wire or Wireless: Wireless

Weight: 0.4KG

Voltage measurement range: DC10V~30V

Voltage measurement accuracy: 0.5V

Speed accuracy: <0.36Km/h

Size Name: 12*6*5CM

Roll angle: -40~+40°

Rated Power: DC10V~30V

Pitch angle: -40~+40°

Output Frequency: 2.4GHz

Operating temperature: -40℃+80℃

Model Number: M60

Function: Measure the vehicle's pitch angle, roll angle, driving speed,

Features: Safety alarm prompts,Driving mode selection,GPS Speed PMH KMH Slope Meter,Smart Inclinometer Digital Dispaly

Brand Name: MR CARTOOL

Application: Supports 99% of the car models in the market


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